Do my business needs to Invest in Digital Marketing?

For the past decade, it is a guarantee that the Digital landscape is the latest trend in Marketing in this generation of people-too-lazy-to-go-out. Top 100 Corporations like Adidas, Rebook, FILA, Taco Bell, and such small companies as bakeshops locally are rapidly turning their traditional marketing strategies into Digital Marketing. This may help you wonder why do these Large companies invest in a very complex marketing strategy when they can just stick around to the old traditional marketing that marketers used since the early 1950's.

Easy to Do Technology

Upon studying Digital marketing, it is proven this technology is widespread and very Easy-to-do, it also demands less manpower, thus easier to set-up an advertisement online compared to the traditional marketing. These are some of the perks of having digital as a primary way to advertise. A dream come true or everyone perhaps the wonderland of marketing, for small business. One of my favorite features of Digital marketing is its ability to you the company get healthy "leads" and "inquiries" without spending commission for agents. Lastly, it helps you cut cost on hiring additional manpower to do the marketing by hiring a Freelance Digital Marketer from across the globe perhaps from Philippines, India or Pakistan. Sounds enticing when you hear these too-good-to-be-true features right? But the big question is, would you really need it for your company and would it benefit your company?

I know what you are thinking, you will search Digital Marketing on Google. You can also do that, but we warned you that it is not a craft which can be learned in a day. You may not help yourself "google" on ways to "digitalize" your brand. Before that, perhaps it is essential to understand the simple fact that converting into digital marketing is not as easy as posting online on Facebook or  start coding your own website. The reality is, starting a Digital Marketing for company can be exciting but at the same time, a time-consuming and tedious task to accomplish. One solution we can share is by hiring a digital marketing agency which can also be an expensive choice to take, (Although it makes the job done), or hiring your own in-house "Digital Marketer" who can work for you on Office hours.


So that leads to the question "should I invest in digital marketing? So without further ado, here are the factors to consider before investing in digital marketing.

Key Factors to Consider before considering Digital Marketing into your arsenal:

  1. Goal
  2. Budget
  3. Time & Effort
  4. Resources


know your goal, so you know what you are doing

No matter what you are working on, it is important to know what you're doing. I literally put goal in the first factor to consider before getting "digitalized". Having a clear GOAL is the most important factor to be considered when deciding if you need digital or not. It is the backbone of marketing.(in case you are not marketer)  Goal should be clearly stated  and very precised in order for you to know the directions you are setting to. Newbie Markers do not have a clear goal in what they are doing and let the Digital Marketing agency to state the goal, WHICH IS TOTALLY WRONG.  In my previous employers, none of them really have a clear goal on why they considered Digital Marketing, they just think it is cool to have one. The result? A complete disaster from start to finish of the project. No ROI, No targets for the Contact Forms, and no income from online sales.


Trade marketing has its own sub-category like Field Marketing, Events, etc. Trade marketer 1 may have a Key Performance Indication (KPI) of  25% penetration on a County or State, while a digital marketer may have a goal of 28% Online conversion from Facebook Advertising. Digital Marketing is a hybrid world of both being educational and ability to sell online efficiently. One goal you can use in your campaign is "Making money through Google Display Banners."


Here are some goal you can use:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote online shop
  • Encourage customers to visit the store


By having a clear objective on what you want for your marketing efforts, it will enable you to determine the need for digital on your marketing efforts.



Putting a certain amount of budget is a key in determining if you need digital marketing, the hard problem to encounter is how to justify the funds needed.


After knowing your goal, it is time to get the budget. Budget is the second factor to consider in when considering digital marketing. It is a clear fact that money makes advertising work. Billboards, and streamers are not free, you have to pay monthly premium in order for your ads to be displayed/ Sames goes in the digital world.

It can be somehow true, but having no budget for digital campaigns is like having a printed brochure stuck on Photoshop. It wont move or advertise by it self since you really need money for the key individual to make it work, For example, in order for the in mail advertisement to work, you have to pay for the mail man who will distribute the brochure, as well as the labor of the printing company that will print the brochure. Same goes for digital campaigns, whether its Facebook, Google or Instagram. It is true that everyone has the chance to post their stuff online, however it has its own limitation. In fan pages, it would take a potential customer to know your business name in order to look up your company Facebook page to see your offerings, in contrast, by funding $20/day using Facebook ads, your post will be able to be distributed to a larger market at your disposal.

If the company has the capability for digital budget, you should set your goal, set your expectations on a specific timeframe and your target market. This enables you to have a clear insight on how much money should you have to spend on your digital campaign.


Time and Effort

Digital marketing is a tedious task, most people think that posting into Facebook is considered as full digital marketing, but no it is not. One of the commitment of Digital Marketing is by having a specific individual who can be able to answer inquiries online, produce an online post for distribution and be able to come up with reports on digital marketing. If you have no manpower to do that  you can consider digital marketing as an additional weapon in your marketing efforts.

Digital marketers also need to constantly write useful articles to attract clients to buy your products, and if you are a passionate teacher with a willing heart in helping your customers find what will suit their needs, then digital marketing is for you. Don't hire digital marketers who are not going to go for an extra mile for your business. You as an owner should be accountable for your business image, same as through with digital marketers. They can write articles for you, they can market the product for you, but they can't fully understand the product if they are not the once who know what the products are for.


Digital Marketing requires camera for content


Digital marketing is not all about content marketing which is writing textual contents and articles. Another way to get resources is by scavenging offline marketing efforts. Resources like professional product shoots and Digital HD cameras will help generate content for Facebook, Instagram, and other image hosting sites. Well decorated posts are very enticing compared to ordinary photos. Out of 200 people, 42% of them are visual learners, while not all people are interested in reading 3000 character articles. It is a factor to consider on what kind of content are you willing to create in making the products enticing to customers.

If you are serious in pursuing digital marketing, make sure that your resources are enough to supplement the marketing effort or else the posts created may feel like an ordinary post and audiences will not be encouraged to engage with it.


Digital Marketing is neither hard or easy to do. It may require a lot of time and effort from the conceptualization to its execution. But the results from a well-done digital strategy will be totally worth it. In summary of the considerations, first of all, Establish the goals on why set-up digital, and then the next is to  finalize the budget the company is willing to spend for advertising and other costs.  It also requires resources to make it work and comprehensible for viewers to watch/view it. As a decision maker, you should be the one to decide if it is needed by your business because in the end, It will be a make it or break it situation if performed properly line.

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