Content Marketing Facts: Content is King, but…

Content is King, but…

  1. Most non-digital marketers don’t know where/how to start doing contents for their digital brand.
  2. Digital Marketers write to satisfy Search Engines rule, not human readers.
  3. Content productions is very time consuming and can be very expensive


these are the challenges digital marketers often encounter, and keep on ignoring. There are times that we, marketers forget these three important factors  because of the Key Process Indicators (KPI) set by our boss or the company.


The goals set by the client, or the company makes content creation a challenging task to accomplish particularly when the client wanted to be on the first page of Google. For this purpose, digital marketers would seek the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order for their pages to reach the top page on Google.


Create Contents for REAL PEOPLE not for Search Engines

SEO content writers are guilty in writing contents for search engines rather than human readership. I myself when I started my work as a content writer, we create 800-word articles which follow a certain guidelines which follows:

  • Spammed with 30% keyword density,
  • Should contain the keyword on the first paragraph of the article
  • The title should contain the main keyword


Creation of content does not stop at writing “copy for website. Content is everything, from the website features, user-experience, to social media campaign functionalities. Many marketers focus more on SEO health of a certain content rather than human-interaction. Good digital marketers make website based on its relevance to users. This includes writing a well-written copy, short and precised informative articles, beautifully designed graphics, and responsive website intended to make it easier for end-users to use.


Creating a “King” Content

The problem with having a blog article generated on a daily basis is the poor quality of the article. If content is king, it should be treated as a king as well. Content should be PROPERLY planned, from the messaging of the article, to its social impact to audience.  Whether you are writing copy for a Youtube campaign, an article for your blog, or features for a website, consider the audience not the search engines.  Create articles intended for human readers. It does not matter if the article is shorter than Yoast recommends, all you have to remember is to take time in writing articles.


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